Deborah obtained her High school diploma with high grades at Queens high school in Johannesburg where she formed her first band ever and received several awards during end-year award functions. Il a mis les paroles dans Dena Mwana interprete le chant le chant ancien gospel americai  » Happy Day ». Dena Mwana Quand il descend, oui tout s’arrête Il y a transfert entre ciel et terre Quand il descend, l’atmosphère Tu attends la restauration?

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We Testify Deborah Lukalu 1. Toi l’esprit de dieu, on t’appelle dans l’evangile, l’esprit de vérité! Annuaire de blogs Aide Centerblog Signaler un abus. Avec Dena Mwana Si la mer se déchaine – crédits: Le Saint Esprit est là Dena mwana cover Merveille la chantre Merveille kombila la chantre 25 days ago. Call me favoUr Year: Henry papa Mulaja 0.

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Saint Esprit

Saint-Esprit Dena Mwana 1. Se-Yo Dena Mwana 1.

saint esprit de dena mwana

L’Eternel est Bon Dena Mwana 1. Deborah Lukalu Kaseba born on March 24 of a certain year is a singer-songwriter, recording and performing artist.

« Le Saint-Esprit » : nouveau single de la sœur Dena Mwana

The song awesome God and We Testify went viral mounting way above 5 million views to date. She grew up under the skies of Johannesburg since and it was not until the tender age of 14 that the young and then-talented little girl gave her life to Christ and got baptized through the leading of her spiritual father, Pastor Mike Lwambua. Church worship rehearsals are where she practiced her singing, from her childhood, as a choir member in the Church Jesus Le Roc in DR Congo and into her teen years in Johannesburg South Africa where she became more conscient about what she carried within her.


Deborah obtained her High school diploma with high grades at Queens high school in Johannesburg where she formed her first band ever and received several awards during end-year award functions.

saint esprit de dena mwana

She opened a junior choir in her local church in with about 70 children that is thriving up to date running. Deborah is so loved by kids everywhere. Those who participate at her programs and concerts usually refer to them as ministrations because of the power and anointing that is released rather than a mere performance and crowds all over the world have grown fond of the Deborah within months of her public breakout.

Her first concert was held at the University of wirts where she gathered many people of all races and contries.

Shortly after, she released the album « Overflow » as her first live recording ever in May at the Joburg Theater and this time under her own record label: The album caught the eye and heart of people all over the globe with numerous songs hitting the 2 million view mark and « Awesome God » rising above 4 million views to date.

She embarked on multiple tours for her album promotion in numerous countries. A recording that lived up to it’s prominent hashtag  » FillUpTheLyric » in may Goldreef City’s Lyric Theater was full to the brim on the occasion of the album recording with people from all over the world. The album holds 12 titles and is available in audio on CD as well as all digital outlets.


Dena Mwana – Saint-Esprit Lyrics & traduction

Music videos of the album are available on YouTube and show on various gospel tv channels. Further tour locations with be revealed soon. Deborah has increasingly gained local and international views with her bilingual songs like Awesome God, We Testify, Tabiri, Tenda to name a few. Some reports say her songs topped the iTunes the day they were released.

The wedding video snippet was later released as a music video for her single « Today is my day ». DL Ministries Call me favor label: Call me favour Year: Call me favoUr Year: Michel Hardy Bakenda 0. Athoms et Nadège 0.

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